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    Default Migrate Hard Drives

    Ok, this morning my HDD has started throwing up some rather unpleasant errors, and is only booting some of the time.

    Safe to assume it's about to die, so I'm about to buy a replacement. It's a work installation with a number of complicated software packages installed and I really don't want to devote what will literally be days reinstalling and reconfiguring them all.

    Can anyone recommend any good way for migrating from an old drive to a new one, that will most likely be bigger in size. I've seen a few software solutions around, just interested to know if anyones aware of anything particularly good?

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    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    Didn't state the obvious, I'm wanting to literally migrate everything, OS, Software the works.

    Would be easy if the drives were the same size as I could just dd them in linux...

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    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    I think you might need a slightly larger drive add it as a slave and then use Nortons Ghost to clone it to the new drive. Then remove the old drive and make the new drive your master. If you just copy your OS and Programs to the new drive they probably won't work and you will have to reinstall them all.
    How is that?

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    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    yep that's the best method...........ghost the old drive onto the new one......if the old drive will work well enuf to do that.........

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    Stumped Badly

    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    I've just done the same & I used Ghost, worked flawlessly.
    Then I bought another drive & cloned it again, then set that one up as slave so if the main drive dies I've got another on waiting in the wings & all I have to do is change the jumper or the boot order & I'm up & running again in 2mins.
    Just got to make sure I transfer any new docs, emails etc regularly to the slave & probably reclone it every fortnight or so.
    Much easier than making DVD backups (which I'll still do every so often so I've got copies offsite)

    Tried Acronis 8 a while ago but the cloned drive performed awfully slowly when done, maybe newer versions are better

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    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    Most Hard drive manufacturers have utilities that manage common tasks like installing a new boot drive and transferring all files off old drive. Seagate = Diskwizard

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    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    Ghost is Great!

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    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    Ok, looks like Ghost is the way to go....

    I'll have to start searching for my Ghost CD.

    Cheers to all who responded.

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    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives

    Update for anyone interested:

    Ghosting the drive failed miserably, so using my trusty Knoppix CD I mounted the drive in Linux.

    Turned out something extremely funky had happened to the partition table, where the extended became the primary and vice versa - quite the shambles.

    So with Knoppix able to read the drive I retrieved all my data off it and ended up doing a painstaking reinstall.

    The errant hard drive will be sacrificially torched as a warning to others.

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Migrate Hard Drives


    In hindsight, is there anything you could have done to promote a successful migration?

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