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    Default Windows XP RTM WindowsUpdate support ending

    I just read a short note on that WindowsUpdate support for Windows XP RTM is ending (not sure when - not much info was given). Fits in with Microsoft's product support timeline for support for 12 months after a service pack is released before it removes support for the previous release (eg 12 months after SP1 is released the support for RTM ends).

    Basically all it means is that if you've got Windows XP you'll have to update it to at least SP1 to get Windows Update support.


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    Default Re: Windows XP RTM WindowsUpdate support ending

    I think it more means that the hold/block that Microsoft put on the download of Sp2 so that some company’s can test out SP 2 etc.. is about to end….

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    Default Re: Windows XP RTM WindowsUpdate support ending

    No, it means that Windows update no longer supports Windows XP RTM. They require you now to have one of the service packs (any patches made available will require the service pack to work or something).


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