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Thread: is this a scam?

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    Isnt this the outfit who were on fair go a while ago for taking lots of money and then not publishing.

    Or was that a simmular deal.


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    No that was a similar, but different deal.

    Kind Regards,

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    I had a similar letter a few years ago.
    At that time, I was quite well-known in my field, but not THAT important...
    I assumed it would turn into a vanity publishing effort if I followed it up..
    But as the names & photos in the accompanying glossy brochure DID warrant being there through merit alone, I asked a couple of them whom I knew how they'd become involved.
    Both were embarrassed to explain they'd been hooked in a similar fashion - and yes, they were also paying for it.
    And I've no idea whether the book ever eventuated. Not on my coffee table, anyway...

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    The only people who will read about you is you, as the book won't be on sale to the general public.
    Probably cheaper to write an email to yourself reminding yourself about all the things you have done.
    Won't cost you a cent either.

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    A Google search =

    Unfortunately there is no answer to this post, but the info points to a scam:

    Sent: 18 September 2003 11:48 AM
    Hello, Has anyone heard of Empire Who's Who or regularly used this publication? I believe it is an American publication. One of our partners has been approached to go in the directory. He has been interviewed, photographed, etc and now he has been told it cost 427 for the entry. I have now been asked to sort it out (great!) and establish whether this is legitimate, worth paying for, or a con. I have seen their website, and a google search only reveals 55 mentions; mostly press releases announcing some executive is in it. This worries me. Not mentioning the fee at the beginning of the process leads me to think it is a bit of a scam. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks, Diane

    There is a scam check at the Consumer's website:
    But at the moment I cannot access the page.

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    Graham L

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    It's only a scam if they don't send you a copy of the book.

    There's a cheaper way: if you want to appear in, say, Who's Who in America, which is a 3-volume set with retail price of $US549 you can get a second-hand set from Amazon ("from $4-75" ) and scan the page where your entry would appear. Match the fonts, and make your own entry, print the new page and paste it in. Leave it on your coffee table.

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    Murray P

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    Why not just make some crappy software, or even better steal someone else's crappy software, double the price and make a few billion bucks. You could then set up your own Who's Who publication with guaranteed delivery, to yourself at least.

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