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Thread: is this a scam?

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    Default is this a scam?

    Yes I've been right through the "it's too good to be true" scenario and are often chastising people for responding to scam emails, but...

    I got a letter today from "Empire Who's Who" telling me that I've been "accepted" as a biographical candidate for my geographical area for teh NZ edition of Empire Who's Who Executive and Professional Registry (sounds scammy!).

    It sounds like a scam of some sort, but there's an Auckland phone and fax number and PO Box, and after some googling it seems legit, although there's no results in Google NZ, only international.

    Does anyone have any experience with this crowd? They aren't asking for any money or a bank account number...
    Yes I could ring them but is it worth my time if it's a scam...

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    Default Re: is this a scam?

    I seem to recall this some time ago. The money request comes when they ask you for money for your personal copy of the Whos who book.
    Of course, a lot of people will be in the book alongside you, most of whom have little claim to fame except they have been asked to be included in the book.

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    Default Re: is this a scam?

    And ultimately, you've got to ask yourself what you gain by being in the book anyhow. Sounds like a variation on vanity publishing.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: is this a scam?


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    Default Re: is this a scam?

    Odds on they wanna sell ya a book
    Further odds that it wont be worth the paper it's printed on.

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    Default Re: is this a scam?

    Doesn't seem to be a scam to me. I have looked up their members and then googled some of them and they all seem to be genuine.
    Take it as an honour and check their spelling as I noticed a lot of spelling mistakes in some of the bios.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: is this a scam?

    Anyone can post a list of eminant persons (and not so eminant and perhaps ficticious ones), fish a business directory or just the phone book, what does that prove?

    If someone approaches me with the proposal to add me to a who's who listing , I'd have to ask who were they that could get it so wrong.

    It's a scam that panders to peoples ego, it serves absolutely no useful purpose except to stroke your wallet.

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    Default Re: is this a scam?

    They exist. Flash web site. I guess you get a book to leave lying around.
    How about this extract from an Email on Google :-

    "Has anyone heard of Empire Who's Who or regularly used this publication? I believe it is an American publication. One of our partners has been approached to go in the directory. He has been interviewed, photographed, etc and now he has been told it cost 427 for the entry. I have now been asked to sort it out (great!) and establish whether this is legitimate, worth paying for, or a con."

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    Default Re: is this a scam?

    Thanks guys - even though the letter says "as always, there is never a charge to update your profile information" common sense has prevailed.

    File 13.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: is this a scam?

    Only 427 for immortality and printed fame, by joining the select community of those who are who enough to pay that much to be included in the book. :O A bargain.

    Of course anyone can gain immortality and electronic fame by posting here. ;-) And it's free.

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