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    Default moving hard drive to new system

    Basically I moved my hard drive to another computer and ended up having to reinstall XP Pro. I'm probably having to do it again and just wondering if there's any possible way to prepare xp for the move so I don't have to reinstall again?

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    Default Re: moving hard drive to new system

    Microscam do NOT want you to do this, they deliberatly make it hard. There are a few articles on it you may/will need to do a repair install and may need to reactivate.


    To get an active link to "PC stats" There is/was an article covering this there IIRC.

    FAQ #60 - How do I network my PCs? (Check the PC stats links at the bottom go to ( And check the beginners guides if the links are outdated)


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    Default Re: moving hard drive to new system

    Hey Kibito,

    Sometimes the move can go smoothly, sometimes it doesn't, it really depends on whether XP Pro has enough information to install mainly your motherboard device side of things including number of processors, if not, then you will have this trouble. Could try booting in safe mode for the first transfer then try correcting all the drivers.

    However would not suggest doing a move without reinstalling it though, just a personal opinion, best option is two hard drives, one that loads the OS, the other containing the data you want, and you can copy it to and from how you like without altering the OS in any way other than having an additional drive.



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