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    Default Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    I know most people get a fairly large amount of spam, and lately I from more than one source i have been accused of adding people to sites for there email newsletters........

    fun that this may be, i find it is usually already being posted major big time to me, as from a radio rhema site i am getting 8 emails a day from them saying word for the day, but to that you have had to subscribe? the same email 8 times is a bit tiring.....

    so is this the latest spam tactic? take email addys and add them to email newsletters?
    the poor lady at the reception of the emails must be sick of me...... removing them from their database constantly.

    its not the first type of newsletter i get multiplicity wise, so somebody thinks its a great game, may need to upgrade the spam filter on xtra i guess.

    so anybody else getting an upsurge in there regular spam like this or am i just lucky?

    this would not be caused by a virus from someones computer would it?

    not asking for what to do's already know nothing can be done. just cant wait for the next installment of word for today's.............

    and sorry for the inconvenience some others seem to have got with my name being sent to them saying beloveds it from me........ but that is funny.

    sorry to bore you, and no flames, just a idea i had, no great words of wisdom to give or wanted i guess.


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    Murray P

    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    Complain to your ISP or theirs beet, especially the NZ based ones. will be the addy your looking for.

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    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    yahoo spam is easy to report i see....

    xtra i gave up trying to sort spam filter,

    so will see how it goes tomorow and yeah i sent some spam 2 abuse @xtra...LOL

    do you get a reply from them or nothing?
    interesting to see what happens i guess.


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    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    Well, Radio Rhema, no wonder you've been subscribed eight times...

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    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    Last time I sent abuse complaints to I got bounced back that " was an unknown user"

    I ended up e-mailing their NOC who sorted it out. That was however wearing the Abuse Officer hat at my work.

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    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    I've been using
    No, they don't reply, but I've never had the same spam back afterwards - so works for me.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    Your using Thunderbird aren't you beetle? I know you still download them but if you've got the spam filter on it's apretty quick learner.

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    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    I am going to blame you beetle for the mass distribution of emails, I think it's time to send in the UN.

    There is no need to subscribe, some will accept your email address even without confirmation, and then if you tried unsubscribing, you've just sealed your email envelope.

    I remember when I signed up to hotmail one time, and I used a fake name and all of a sudden I kept getting emails addressed to someone I didn't know till I realised that it was the fake name I used. A few dives into hotmails options revealed a default setting of publishing my personal information in the MSN Directory, even if you decided not to get their newsletters, you still were published, and I reckon the only way to get out of their directory is to send supeonas but first would be a good idea to go through their terms and conditions with a fine toothed comb.

    I really doubt if one person would have the time to do multiple signups, it's most likely a spider who's found your email address and adding you to the database of terrorists. Have you searched your email address before? Although not recommended as it may end up in the list of search terms, logs or what not.

    Viruses can have this effect, doesn't have to be recent either, if you have been compromised prior, then the information they got off you could still exist somewhere.


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    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    this pain in the backside thing is still happening, tried spam / abuse @ xtra, and just got bounced a letter.

    but the worst thing is its using an addy that all direct by forwarding to the end result - one inbox...... and its a personal one and not many have that addy at all, but it say ive been visiting the site regularly? and thanxs for subscribing?

    or says a friend has passed on your name sorry they didnt give the name, but we have now organised for you to get out regular mail!!!!!!!!!!! &^%#@ oh joy.

    and a hole pile of friends emails have come in being grumpy with me subscribing them????
    i havent been there!

    stupid machines.


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    Chris Randal

    Default Re: Email newsletters. Spam anyone?

    Try using Mailwasher and you can filter all your emails (to pop3 accounts). Doesn't (AFAIK) work for Yahoo/Hotmail accounts.

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