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    Default LG - Goldstar GDR 8161B IDE DVD Player

    Anyone have one of these and flashed it recently? If so, what IDE connection, did you have it on?? Primary or Secondary?? I think I've figured out, it has to be on master, as an LG CD writer is on Master right now, and it told me that.

    It didn't update the DVD either. All I have to figure out is, what command can I put in the bat file, so I can flash it on the Secondary IDE??

    I managed to get the 0102 flash update. The files included in it were a bat file , with the main flash update file, and the flashup.exe file itself.

    It doesnt tell you a hell of a lot in the bat file. Just that it executes the flash update file and 2 /C / 0 as the commands to actually flash the DVD. It would be nice, if they told u what the different commands are/mean.

    It doesnt even tell you WHAT commands are available even from DOS! (booting from a floppy). LG were no help. They didnt even answer!

    So, can anyone tell me any info as above??


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    Default Re: LG - Goldstar GDR 8161B IDE DVD Player

    I figured this out. And got the DVD flashed! So, end of story for this post.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: LG - Goldstar GDR 8161B IDE DVD Player

    How'd you do it?

    Murray P

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    Default Re: LG - Goldstar GDR 8161B IDE DVD Player

    I had to search online for the different commands for this flashup command

    Since, I couldnt find anything on the LG site.

    These are: ie: flashup (name of flash.dld) (0,1,2,3) /C / O

    0 (zero) after the dld file means primary master IDE
    1 means primary slave IDE
    2 means secondary master IDE
    3 means secondary slave IDE

    The bat file had 2, which was the secondary master, BUT the DVD was on Secondary slave. BUT all I did was put the flashup command, and the flash.dld onto floppy. Boot from floppy, and type:

    flashup (name of flash.dld) 3 /C /O

    That was it. It identified the DVD, which was on the Secondary slave. Then I told it to flash it. It did. Then I went back into windows xp, to make sure the DVD STILL worked. And it did. It got updated/flashed to 0102. It was 0100 before. I dont know what the /C and /O mean tho. BUT it works fine.

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