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    Ron Bakker

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    Greetings all
    I need to send people invoices online for things they have purchased.
    What would be a good program for this?
    Thanks for your help on my previous posts
    Cheers Ron

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    I have a template in Excel, and to email I send it as a pdf file (but for that you need a pdf creation program).

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    Ron Bakker

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    At this stage I don't have anything like Acrobat or any other converter, with that said I would have other uses for a pdf converter for my site.
    Cheers Ron

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    Ron, which version of Word are you using. In 2003 you can make a variety of forms with protected and unprotected fields for client details and response. The fields can be set at tick boxes, drop down menus, and set for text (of set length) numbers, dates, etc.

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    I think Open Office will allow you to convert to PDF

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    I Use PDF Creator to creat pdf's its easy, just select pdf as the printer & the rest is magic & its free (Found it via the OpenOfffice site)

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    Greg S

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    If you create a template in Excel as GF suggested, and as I also do, it can be saved as an html page so the customer can easily view it in their browser

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    PDF995 is a freeware PDF creation software. It acts as a "printer", so you print to it from excel or any other software program.

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    Dolby Digital

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    Yes, I use 1.1.2 to create my invoices in pdf format for emailing.

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    Yup. Open Office can save as PDF.

    More preferable too (for me). Seems invoices that I have authorised have a strange way of disappearing during its internal mail journey to Accounts Payable.

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