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    Default Internet Security

    I intend changing from a dialup connection to the broadband offered by Telecom.
    I believe that internet security is especially important with an "always on" connection.
    I currently run Norton Antivirus and Firewall 2002. On windows XP SP2.
    Since my Antivurus definitions are due to expire I was wondering what the best anti intrusion defence would be.
    The new ZoneAlarm security Suite looks interesting, and I am quite prepared to pay for the best protection that money can buy.
    Can Anyone give me advice please.

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    Default Re: Internet Security

    Great - Start with a nice Router! The D-Link 504g look incredibly good to me. Ive heard nothing but good reviews.
    You _want_ a router, and a good one. The D-Link has the ability to block IP ranges amongst other things and that sorta thing will do you good.

    Anti-Virus. Ive found AVG Free-Edition gives frequent updates, so if you want to pay then AVG7 Pro is supposed to be even better than 6.0 Free Edition.

    Spybot Search & Destroy will be good for Anti-Spyware.

    Make _sure_ you keep windows Up-To-Date!!

    These sort of precautions should still be taken, even on Dial-Up. How do you think Back.Orfice spread origionally!?!

    Just remember some good practises, such as dont open attachments that you have _any_ doubts about... Better still - If somebody is offering you something, DONT open it.... Heck, dont open it regardless without scanning it.

    Hopefully the above will assist you to stay safe and have happy days of online time :-)



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    Default Re: Internet Security


    Not too sure what you mean by a "nice Router"
    Is the hardware sullied by the ISP (in my case IHUG) not sufficient?

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    Default Re: Internet Security

    That depends on what they're supplying you with? I would simply _not_ take a windows box online with an internal router or USB Modem (Different from a USB Router) for the simple fact I dont trust the writers of the firewall software. If you had the source code, yes, but I know for a fact that ZoneAlarm itself tries to get out places it need not......

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    Default Re: Internet Security

    Nod32 for anti-virus.

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    Default Re: Internet Security


    As much as I appreciate your response, I am an almost complete novice and totally out of my depth as far as the hardware goes.
    Could you explain in very simple terms what type of router you would use.
    Specifically what is the difference between an internal and an external router apart from their obvious location.
    And is a external USB router satisfactory.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Internet Security

    What brand and model of router is the ISP proposing to supply you with? Any advice on what brand to get could be redundant if that one is going to be ok.

    An external ethernet router with NAT is the best solution in my opinion, if it's got a built in firewall that's even better.

    Internal are ok but, if you want to set up your own home/small office network at some stage (a LAN) and share your internet connection, then it's much simpler to do this with an ethernet or wireless router/modem. Internal PCI and external USB modems* do not generally have the capabilities of the ethernet variety they also work more off software and therefore use more system resources and can be more prone to glitches, however plenty of people have happy relationships with their USB or PCI modems.

    * They're normally just modems with no routing and often no NAT capabilities and are, therefore less secure and able to do a variety of things the average ethernet router/modem can (Router/modem: a combined ADSL modem and router, sometimes with more than 1 port to connect multiple computers too that share your internet connection).

    By the way, some routers come with a combo connection that allows either ethernet or USB connection.

    Murray P

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Internet Security

    Forgot to mention. I'm also a fan of Nod32 Antivirus, if you want to pay for one it's the best as far as I'm concerned. AVG free is ok, as Chill says, Spybot and Adaware are must haves plus a software firewall.

    Some say the firewall is unnecessary with a NAT router, I would have it there anyway, especially if you will be visiting game sites and forums, like downloading software or are into file sharing (P2P). I like Kerio, some find it a liitle tedious for their tastes, Agntitum Outpost is good and some swear by Zone Alarm (I found it a pain).

    Murray P

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    Default Re: Internet Security

    Murray P

    Sorry to be so dumb but could you please explain what you mean by "NAT" ?

    The hardware that the ISP (IHUG) provides is one of three options:

    ADSL Wireless Router (DSL-G604T) $249.95
    ADSL Ethernet Router (DSL-504G) $149.95
    ADSL USB Modem (DSL-200) $99.95

    I only have one computer so the home network is not a consideration but I am very concerned about security. Would you know if any of these options have inbuilt firewall capabilities? The IHUG "help" desk tells me there is no difference but I wonder.

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Internet Security

    I'd stick with the G604T or the 504G but lean towards the ethernet one because you don't want to go to the expense of installing wireless network cards. They ok routers. The USB one is cheap because it is, it could be ok but you get what you pay for.

    NAT stands for Network Address Translation. One of the things it does is hide your computers IP adress from the internet (WAN, Wide Area Network) by translating a request from one address to another without revealing the adresses. The addresses are how systems and individual machines are identified and/or found on a network. The internet is just a big complicated network.

    WAN/Internet ----> line in ---> Public IP address held by router <---> NAT <--- > Private IP address held by router <--- Your PC/LAN with private IP address.

    If you don't have something like NAT, your open to the world, with a bit of bad luck on your part, it will accept the invitation.

    Murray P

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