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    Default Broadband and Firewall

    XP Pro os
    external ADSL modem connected via ethernet
    sygate personal firewall pro

    When I had dialup I could go to the shields-up site and all ports were in stealth mode, now I go there with the adsl modem and two ports are in stealth the rest are closed. so I fail the test.
    I have tried zonealarm and it is the same.
    Is there a way around this, or is there another software firewall that will do the job better ?

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    The reason for this is the ADSL modem, which is being detected as having open ports. No matter what software firewall you install, it will not make a difference as what the test is detecting is the ADSL modem, which is sort of a computer in itself.

    I personally wouldn't be too concerned, because as you are connecting via ethernet, the modem effectively acts as a "NAT" server, and should not let any unauthorised connections get through to your PC. It is a hardware firewall in this case. I would still install Sygate, so it monitors outgoing internet connections.

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    Default Re: Broadband and Firewall

    Thank you.

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