I have ordered a new motherboard and it should be here today.
And I'm scared I'll make a mess of changing it.
These are the instructions I have written down. Would some knowlegable person look them over and OK them. Once I start I will be incommunicardo till I finish.

Turn power off and remove plugs.
remove cables from PC
Open the lid and remove all detachable Cables boards etc.
Remove six screws and lift M/B out.

Transfer CPC etc and ram from old board and install in new board.
Put new board in case and replace screws.
Re-attach all power cables and wires that came off old board.
Re-install video card

Power up and say a silent prayer.

How does that sound?

The old board is a GA 8IPE 1000 FE rev2
The new one is a GA 8IPE 1000 pro.

The only major external difference is the new one has a LAN connection that I will have to find a hole for.

Then I hope my hard drive will realise the board has been changed and adjust it's settings etc to the new one.

Any comments?