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    Default WinAmp no help so far - indeed opposite !

    In an effort to play stuff I seem to have recorded streaming audio using Videolan I have downloaded WinAmp. However I cannot seem to play anything from my streaming audio recordings. On top of that, the music I already have and was playing quite happily on M/S Media Player and Real Audio seems all to have been converted to WinAmp files and only about 5% of it will produce any sound no matter which of these three programs I use. I have right clicked on the music in WinAmp and selected "Enqueue", then entered but no joy. I am definitely worse off than before.

    It seems that I would be better purchasing a streaming audio capture program. It is easy to locate these on Google (thanks to g/f) - has anyone got a suggestion as to a good one please ? I only want it to do that task and not take over anything else !

    Also if I uninstall WinAmp will the icons then convert back to where they were - ie to Media Player and Real Audio ?

    I have
    Media Player 9.0
    Real Audio 6.0.1
    WinAmp - Lite (free)
    OS = Windows ME


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    Alan Cottrell

    Default Re: WinAmp no help so far - indeed opposite !

    Hello Misty,

    The best option for you is to use Videolan to play your streaming audio files, this programme is freeware and one of the best players around
    for playing multi formats

    However for Real audio files you will still need to use the Real Player you have, Videolan will play just about everything else.

    Even after uninstalling Winamp you may still need to reassociate your media files to another player (right click on the file and choose open with)



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    Default Re: WinAmp no help so far - indeed opposite !

    Hi Alan
    Much as I hate to admit it - Mrs Misty found the problem. On the volume control for Windows ME the Wave Balance had reset to absolutely zero.
    I had looked at the overall volume but not the breakdown. I guess that the advent of a new audio program had changed the balance of things. At first when I increased it, the Wave Balance kept going back to zero. What fixed it was resetting the rest of the balances.

    I have finally managed to play the recordings from "Cool Blue" made with Videolan (great !). It has only taken me six weeks to get this far. Maybe soon I will work out again how Chill showed me the way to record using Videolan. I seem to be inordinately slow !

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