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    Default hard drive failure

    The facts so far
    one day scandisk locked up 1.2 gig of a 40 gig hard drive as bad.
    when fdisking drive verification often resets to zero and starts again on both primary dos and ext partions
    When formatting many file allocations are attempted recovery.
    Nuts and bolts disk minder reveals c:/ with partion overun and d:/ without partions. Also sector error damage.

    How can I check hard drive hasn't been attacked by a virus or if it has just failed? Is there anyway of unlocking the 1.2 gig and rescanning/fdisking/formatting this drive?

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    Default Re: hard drive failure

    You cld try getting a diganostic program from the makers site. See what that says.

    I take it youre talking about 98?? Try reinstalling 98 and formatting the hdd.

    If that doesnt work put it in as a slave in another system then try formatting the whole hdd. See if that works.

    Scan it for viruses?? to see if it got hit by some kind of worm/virus?

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    Default Re: hard drive failure

    You could try Spinrite from GRC.Com

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    Default Re: hard drive failure

    Download "Max Blast 3" from the Maxtor Web site.
    This creates a bootable floppy with Max Blast HD Utes on it.
    You can then do a low level format, which in effect writes zeros to the whole drive which enables you to to partition & format it.
    Takes about 1 hour per 10gig to do.

    I have saved 3 drives which were binned, using this method.

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