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    Default OT:Exams...

    I know there have been many muchly topics about these...

    But seeing as how they have started.. how is everyone feeling?

    I have my first exam tommorow, english, my worst subject I believe.

    Then I have physics on thursday, Economics on next Monday and then my last exam Tuesday next week, Mathemetics.

    Although I have already passed Level 2 (which mind you feels good), its a real bugger because I loose the motivation to study, if you know what I mean.

    However, I shall give it a full 110% tommorow and try my best and hopefully do well, on the otherhand I'm glad I'm not taking level 3 english.

    Oh well, best of luck to fellow students who are partaking in these exams.



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    Default Re: OT:Exams...

    Consider yourself lucky.

    I've got three exams this week, all whap-bam in a row: English tomorrow, Accounting on Wednesday, and Physics on Thursday. I haven't done much study for Acc or Phys, but I'm rather good at them anyhow... I'm more worried about English. Especially seeing as you have to pass 2.6.

    Anyhow, then I've got about 25 hours of Calculus study planned before the actual exam next Tuesday - horrors!

    Here's some motivation, anyway: apparently you need a certain amount of your credits from the external exams, they can't all be internals and carried over credits.

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    just finished my second exam today, english, have got science on wednesday, then economics on monday, level 2 classical studies on tuesday and spanish on wednesday

    English was pretty good today, it felt good to get all the questions I wanted in the essays, but the 1.6 (unseen text) was at least twice as badly worded and confusing as in the mocks.

    oh well, we shall see when the results come through

    good luck everyone

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    Default Re: OT:Exams...

    The days of exams have long passed for me. Good luck to everyone

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    Default Re: OT:Exams...

    >Especially seeing as you have to pass 2.6.

    Which one is 2.6? unfamilar texts? i know the 90380 etc

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    crazy monkey

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    I feel lucky. Only one more exam: L2 Physics on thursday. After that its UT2K4 for 8 hours solid with my friend (he is getting a new A-64 comp) and his brother. It will be good three player action.

    had L1 English today. I fink I failed half of it.

    good luck to all you who are doing exams

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    Uhuh, 2.6 is "Read unfamiliar texts and analyse the ideas and language features" - 90380.

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    I've done 2 exams, 6 to go.

    Level 4 was a stupid idea - no one should ever do it, i just did level 4 chemistry and i think i did alright (considering i did no study specifically for it), its 3 extra exams which is a pain in the ass.

    Is there anyone else here doing Level 3? I've noticed that the exams are a lot harder, comparatively to Level 2, i mean its become pretty difficult to get excellence now, even merit is hard. But then again, when you compare Bursary to Level 3, from what i've heard A bursary is 65% and when you consider that merit is 75% it starts to make sense - but doesn't explain away the fact that there will be a million people with straight achieved.

    Sigh, someone at NZQA must know what their doing

    - David

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    Default Re: OT:Exams...

    i just want to swear so much, i hate english, and having to HAVE to pass 90380 really sucks. Cos I mean i've got study sheisser for it, but I write an answer and the answers are on a totally different track.

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    Default Re: OT:Exams...

    I'm Level 2, but doing Lvl 3 calculus.
    Over past few years (doing year ahead maths) i've went into exams aiming for Ex's, this will be the first time where i'll happily settle with merits
    But yea, no what you mean when you say ' there will be a million people with straight achieved'

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