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    Default Confused with Motherboard connections !!

    Confused with Motherboard connections.

    I am trying to connect a motherboard to the connections from the case. The case connections have 5 connections labelled (these are wires from the case):

    1 speaker: 3 pins, 2 wires – black and red. This is easy to guess black for ground.
    2 Reset sw: 2 pins, 2 wires – white and blue
    3 H.D.D: 2 pins, 2 wires – white and red
    4 Power sw: 2 pins, 2wires – black and white
    5 Power lead: 3 pins, 2 wires – green and white

    On the motherboard panel connections are labelled as follow:

    A) Power led: 3 pins – one pin labelled +5v and another PLEG
    B) Speaker: 4 pins – one pin labelled +5v and another SPKR
    C) Reset sw: 2 pin – reset con and ground
    D) Atx power switch: 2 pins –
    E) SM lead: 2 pins – EXT SM and ground
    F) Message led: 2 pins - +5v and MLED

    Mine confusion is which way should the connections go especially the wires.

    A) Power led (5 with A): which wire green or white should connect to which pin +5v or PLEG (my guess would be: white wire connects to +5v pin and green wire to
    B) Speaker (1 with B): +5v pin should connect with red wire and SPKR connects with black wire (this I can guess - hopefully it is right)
    C) Reset sw (2 and C): but which wire, white or blue connects to which reset con pin or ground pin
    D) Atx power switch (4 and D): again black and white wires should connect to which pin PWR_SW and ground (my guess: black with ground and white with Pwr_sw)

    Thus left one connection No 3 H.D.D: 2 pins, 2 wires – white and red to connect to which pins and which way, perhaps no need.

    Much thanks to any help.

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    Default Re: Confused with Motherboard connections !!

    It doesnt usually matter which way the wires go to the mobo. It might with the hdd LED / Power LED . If theyre around the wrong way they just wont light up.

    If they dont do something when something accesses the hdd (hdd LED) turn the wires around. If the Power LED doesnt come on turn it (the wires) around.

    Don't worry about the SM connection on the mobo. Leave it empty. I dont think anything on a case connects to it (usually). All u haveta connect is the speaker / reset / power LED and ATX power switch. And the 20 pin ATX connector if its a P4/AMD. And the 4 pin power connection coming from the power supply (If P4)

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    Murray P

    Default Re: Confused with Motherboard connections !!

    There should be little + & - or grnd symbols printed on the PCB of the motherboard and similar printed or raised on the connecters.

    Have no idea what the SM (system management) uses are, perhaps server stuff.

    Murray P

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    Default Re: Confused with Motherboard connections !!

    The coloured (blue,green,yellow,whatever else) are the positive leads.

    This applies 90 percent of the time,Case manufactures are exactly sticklers for uniformity.

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