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    Default Firefox extension tip

    Here is something you can do to install your favourite extensions that refuse to install with Firefox 1.0

    Right click the extension and select "save link as" to download manually. Don't left click as this will just try to install it. Open the *.xpi file with winrar and extract the install.rdf file.
    Open the install.rdf with notepad and look for the following entry:


    next to this will be the latest version number that the extension will install on, for instance 0.9 or 0.10 etc.
    To make this work on 1.0 change the version number to 1.0, save the file and exit. With the *.xpi still opened in winrar, left click and drag the updated install.rdf onto the winrar window and click OK to update the archive.

    To install the extension open the Firefox extension window and left click and drag the *.xpi onto this.

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    Default Re: Firefox extension tip

    hhmm, ta

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    mister harbies

    Default Re: Firefox extension tip

    But that would be risky. The reason for putting on the max version limit is to ensure that extensions installed on later versions of firefox don't have compatibility issues.

    Let me know is anyone has problems or success.

    Mister Harbies

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    Default Re: Firefox extension tip

    There is always that risk, but if it doesn't work you can always uninstall it.

    I have yet to have a problem with any extensions that I have modified.

    Extensions with a maxVersion of 0.9 or more will have the greatest chance of success.
    Quite often the only reason an extension has been given a certain maxVersion number is because that was the only build that existed at the time and giving it a maxVersion higher than what currently existed didn't make sense.

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    Default Re: Firefox extension tip

    thanks heaps, binary boy dude. It worked.
    now to open and close firefox to test it......

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    Default Re: Firefox extension tip

    Yow! It works a treat. Had to download a trial version of Winrar to do it, but it was worth it.
    Now to update all my other Firefox 1.0 extensions that won't load before Winrar's timebomb sets off......

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