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    Default IR receiver

    i want to add IR capatibily to my computer
    going to use it for IR remote control

    found some sites telling you how to build one
    this site tells you how to make one as a RX device
    i thought this would be easier than making one for com ports

    looked at the dse site
    they have a kit for this project already:

    they also got the Infrared Buffered Sensor with Lens:

    due to their price differnt, i thought i'll make one using the instructions from the site (first link)

    comparing the two (site instruction and dse kit)
    the kit seem to have more electrical components on the board .. finally the question is that..
    simply following the instructions on the site to make myself one and only buying the IR sensor itself, would this more simple device be bad for the motherboard in anyway (short circuit?)
    or would it not provide as much stability or simply not work as well?
    would it really effect my remote controll that much?
    because i won't be using it to transfer data

    also if anyone made one of these themselves or have differnt ideas and tips please tell me..


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    Default Re: IR receiver

    um... dse don't like my links

    Infrared Port Kit K3608

    Infrared Buffered Sensor with Lens Z1955

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    Default Re: IR receiver

    You need to read the warnings on the web page:

    "REMEMBER! RX device is not the same as IrDA.
    All IrDA receivers (IRmate, USB IrDA receivers, etc.) are not suitable, or will work badly, because they haven't bandpass & demodulator.
    They are not intended for remote control"

    The DSE kitset is for IrDA. Not IR remote control, so perhaps the above warning may apply. IrDA and IR remote control are different aspects of IR.

    The buffered sensor with lens may or may not work - without seeing the data sheet its not known if its compatable with the logic levels on the motherboard.

    Is your motherboard acually populated for the IR device?

    Of 3 motherboards here, one is fully working, but 2 do not have the all components actually installed on the motherboard (its obviously an "option" that is not implemented) even though the header is present.

    If you use the formatting options when posting long links it would be helpful. Any link that word-wraps in the input window will usually fail unless you do it according to the forum formatting options. These are available on a link above the text input window when you post.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: IR receiver

    LIRC uses standard remote controls so the z1955 will probably demodulate the 30-40khz carrier.

    Have a look at for their articles on LIRC. (Probably use "mp3 jukebox" as the search words). That's probably the source of the DSE kit.

    I've been playing around with this for a while, but haven't actually done any soldering yet.

    I think I'd go for one which connects to a COM port ... that's probably the safest way to connect to a computer.

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    Default Re: IR receiver

    on my mother board there's this IR connector you can connect to
    but if COM port method is more fool proof..then i guess i'll have to do some soldering...

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