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    I am running windows xp 2 with sp2 .
    I have trend micro 2004 as my internet security;i am running their firewall and using the popup blocker that came with sp2 .
    can you advise me on any other security measures you think i would need as extra security.
    With the popup blocker; i got popup killer with the trend micro pack ;would this be better than the windows popup blocker ?.
    I know there are lots of free downloads would any of them fill my needs.
    l 'm looking forward to your reply.

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    Default Re: internet security

    Greetings and Welcome to PressF1.

    I would be inclined to use Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird for better security. IE is still not the best when it comes to that sorta thing....

    You're doing well with SP2 and keeping up-to-date.

    I'd grab Spybot Search & Destroy and check your system for Spyware.

    Aside from that you're on the right path... Next step would really be a hardware firewall of some type, although for many home users this may be overkill. Still, I wouldnt be without it.


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    Default Re: internet security

    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    I have taken on board your answers to my questions ; i have couple of queries; can i run mozilla in conjuntion with trend micro and should i run the sp2 popup or use another popup blocker ;ie popup killer cd rom that came with trend micro or one of the free downloads.
    Once again thanks or the prompt reply.

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    Default Re: internet security

    Mozilla Firefox (Different from Mozilla - Take note) comes with an excellent Popup stopper built in, so it (to a partial degree) makes that side of Trend Micro's software redundant (Aside from it protecting from other out-of-browser popups).

    The SP2 popup stopper is simply integration into IE, just like Firefox has had for the past two years... Yes, two years is how long Ive been surfing popup-free and Microsoft have finally caught on that its what users want!

    Aside from that, you'll quickly get used to Tabbed Browsing :-)


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    Default Re: internet security

    Thanks once again for answering my questions; I think i'm on the right track now so i will look at mozilla as you suggested.
    As for the firewall i tried zonealarm's pro free trial but found it was not compatible with trend micro ( i have since reid in pc world they had the same outcome) . So if there is any other firewall products that are compatable please let us know.
    Thanks once again for all your help

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    Default Re: internet security

    Hehe.... Just was googl'ing for another thread on PressF1 for an Open-Source Windows Firewall.

    Try googl'ing for:
    Source firewall win32

    If you have any feedback on it, I'd like to hear it!



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    Default Re: internet security

    Thanks for the info ; i will look into it further and let you know the results Thanks kbbb

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    Default Re: internet security

    Gi day chill;
    I have finally got time to download mozilla firefox/thunderbirds they are impressive sites ; i am getting use to the different formats but its coming to me .Would there be any conflicts with my anti virus ie e mail scans ; anti spam etc if so what would i need to do.
    I will be looking at spybot this weekend.


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