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    Default Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    Hi, heres the problem; Our PC has been running very very slow, It is running win98SE which I have been told by a friend is the wrong OS to be running on my type of hardware and is probably causing the slowness problem and also that XP would fix all my woes.

    Some background, my hardware is:
    - 2X 6.4G hard drives (dont laugh! its more than enough space for me right now)
    - ECS L7VMM2 Motherboard
    - AMD AthlonXP 2200+ CPU with factory heatsink
    - 1X 128mb stick of some generic brand 266mhz ddr ram (partially the prob?)
    - 32mb intergrated onboard Video
    - Inegrated 4 channel sound
    - DVD/CD writer/Reader
    - Variety of USB devices

    I was trying to play a dvd tonight but the clicking and halting in the sound and dealays in video put me off pretty fast.
    I have also noticed that the C Drive seems to do alot (a huge amount actually) of seemingly unecessary work when starting up, shutting down and opening and closing programs.

    Other symptoms are slow, blurred and jolty animations in progs (like the help characters in MS office) generally a lot of waiting.

    Does any one have a clue? Would winxp help at all or could it be something else?
    thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    That hardware will run fine on 98,like a rocket ship to be truthfull,and struggle on XP due to your lack of ram.

    If its chugging then the first thing to look at is the amount of programs running in the background sucking up all your resources,have a look in the startup tab of msconfig

    start>run>msconfig,enter,then select startup.

    Only 3 or 4 of the entries will be nesercary,the rest will be junk,You probally have dozens.

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    heres a trick that will give you about 2 to 5 % more resources in 98 right click my computer choose properties click on file button change the role of the pc from workstation to server
    Oh do not run Ram optimizing software because they them selves use ram to monitor your ram usage, catch 22 or like chasing your tail, also most of the ones I've seen, adaware and spybot always finds them (wonder why)

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    Operating Windows 98SE and I have the same problem. I don't know which entries to leave in startup and which to delete. Shall I post what is in there so you people who are knowledgable can tell me.

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    Do you have spybot 1.3 installed?

    If not then get it,if you already have it then fire it up,then click mode on the upper toolbar and change it to advanced,This will reveal more tabs down the left hand side taskbar,click on tools then Startup.

    This will list all the entries the same as msconfig except on the far right of the window is a little arrow which when click will display infomation about any selected entry(well it only has info for about 80% of the suckers but its a good start)it will also give a recomendation about which should be killed,which are maybe's and which must be left alone....

    After you whitle them down using this tool you could then google any that are unidentified....

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    Thanks for that.Yes I have Spy Bot installed

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    M@TT, your computer rocks for Windows 98. Win98 runs sweet as on a Cel 333MHZ with 64MB of RAM.

    Since your PC is far superior to that, we can rule out not being suited to the OS.

    What might be happening is a problem like that which I have on a server at the moment, a process taking up 99% cpu (therefore leaving 12MHZ for the rest of the PC in my case).

    HTH, Cheers

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    I'd better be off - I was experimenting with this prog "speedfan" and now I've accidently turned all my fans off and my CPU's 57 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???

    George , R U OK ....?

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    Default Re: Unreasonably Slow PC - OS inapropriate???


    Run updated Adaware and Spybot (and install SpywareBlaster to help keep the junk out).

    If that doesn't help you should think about reformatting the hard drive containing the operating system.

    I found Windows 98 to be very unforgiving with my continual fiddling and installing new programmes, and it eventually slowed with accumulated junk and unidentified corrupted files.

    A reformat is a sure way of starting off with a clean slate and will surely help tell if your problems are software or hardware related.


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