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    Default Lifeview tv tuner problems

    Hiya! Well it all starts from the day I installed a Lifeview 3000 TV tuner capture card.
    Its been giving me errors and crashes since nearly day one. It does work normally most of time but sometimes it just goes completely bonkers.
    Sometimes when i go to run the LifeView Flyvideo software (to watch tv),
    I get an Illegal Operation message. This happens quite alot.
    And then straight after thats happened, I get the Blue Screen Of Death and end up having to press the reset button because it ends up making my computer crash all together.
    I recently tried the latest updates and drivers but still happens.
    My computer isn't exactly the system requirements that it asks for, but would that make much difference to how the TV card behaves?
    I currently use a Pentium II 400Mhz, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard disk, DSE 56K PCI modem, Sound Blaster 16 sound, nVidia Geforce2 GTS with 32MB RAM, and running Windows 98SE.
    I have a few thoughts about trying Windows ME instead to see if that helps.

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanx.

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    Default Re: Lifeview tv tuner problems

    what specs does the card need??

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    Jen C

    Default Re: Lifeview tv tuner problems

    > what specs does the card need??

    Pentium III 500MHz or higher processor
    MPEG-1: PIII 800MHz or higher
    MEPG-2: P4 1G or above
    Timeshift: P4 1.8G or above
    128MB of system memory ( 256MB is recommended )
    Windows 98 SE / ME / 2000 / XP with DirectX 8.1 installed
    DirectX 8.1 compatible VGA card

    Does you video card support DirectX 8.1? I suspect it might only support DirectX 7??

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    Default Re: Lifeview tv tuner problems

    It says in the manual:

    Pentium III 500Mhz or faster
    64MB memory (minimum)
    Windows 98Se, ME, 2000, XP
    DirectX 8.1 (which I have)

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    Default Re: Lifeview tv tuner problems

    Well, I just checked the Direct X diagnostics and it says that "The file nvdisp.drv is not digitally signed" etc...
    Do you think direct x might be the cause? Perhaps I should try direct x 9?

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Lifeview tv tuner problems

    The memory requirement is now 128MB minimum, with 256 "recommended" I suspect it might be happier with 512.;-)

    The slow processor would certainly give problems if you tried to capture and save programmes with MPEG compression.

    Make sure that you have "no" other software loaded.

    It looks like a good card, and a very good price, but you're pushing it a bit. ;-)

    Google threw up an article from a shop which has sold a lot of them(lifeview 3000 tv tuner") giving hints on making it go. I think WinME might just make the memory shortage worse.

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    Jen C

    Default Re: Lifeview tv tuner problems

    >DirectX 8.1 compatible VGA card

    >>Your Video Card = nVidia Geforce2 GTS with 32MB RAM which is DirectX 7 compatible

    It is a hardware limitation, and not software Direct X driver limitation. Your graphic card cannot support certain features that the DirectX 8+ software drivers uses, although the drivers will still work, but it won't be at their full functionality due to Video Card limitation. The TV tuner card must require the features of a DirectX 8.1 minium compatible VGA card in order to work properly. Depending upon what features of the TV card you are using, this and your under spec CPU may be behind your system instability. You are stacking the odds against the TV card functioning correctly.

    >"The file nvdisp.drv is not digitally signed"
    That is just Microsoft saying they haven't certified this driver.

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