Hiya! Well it all starts from the day I installed a Lifeview 3000 TV tuner capture card.
Its been giving me errors and crashes since nearly day one. It does work normally most of time but sometimes it just goes completely bonkers.
Sometimes when i go to run the LifeView Flyvideo software (to watch tv),
I get an Illegal Operation message. This happens quite alot.
And then straight after thats happened, I get the Blue Screen Of Death and end up having to press the reset button because it ends up making my computer crash all together.
I recently tried the latest updates and drivers but still happens.
My computer isn't exactly the system requirements that it asks for, but would that make much difference to how the TV card behaves?
I currently use a Pentium II 400Mhz, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard disk, DSE 56K PCI modem, Sound Blaster 16 sound, nVidia Geforce2 GTS with 32MB RAM, and running Windows 98SE.
I have a few thoughts about trying Windows ME instead to see if that helps.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanx.