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    Default front panel system wiring

    I have replaced my old motherboard with a new ASROCK K7S41GX one.
    I am unsure of the front panel system connector wiring and have connected the following front panel wiring to the motherboard 9 pin panel 1.

    power led (white wire) to PLED-
    power led (green wire) to PLED+
    hdd led (red wire) to HDLED+
    hdd led (white wire) to HDLED-
    reset switch (white wire) to GRD
    reset switch (black wire) to RESET#
    power switch (red wire) to PWRBTN#
    power switch (black wire) to GRD
    no wires to DUMMY

    My computer seems to run fine although the A drive will not read floppy disks and the floppy drive led light is continuously on. I suspect that my A drive problems are most likely unrelated to the front panel wiring.

    Is the wiring as I have it correct?


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    Default Re: front panel system wiring

    the front panel looks right...

    your floppy issue will be that the floppy cable is pluged in the wrong way around.

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    Default Re: front panel system wiring

    The floppy if the LED stays on. It usually means the floppy data cable (the floppy connection end) is connected the wrong way . Turn it around, (or it maybe upside down).

    When the system is OFF and the LED SHOULD stay OFF. Until u chuck a floppy in to access a floppy. You're right the floppy has nothing to do with the front panel connections.

    As the floppy cable is connected to the floppy disk connector on the mobo. The ribbon cables for IDE devices and disk drives usually have a white stripe going right along one side of the ribbon cable (this may also be blue, or red). This SHOULD always be connected to PIN 1 on the motherboard, and to PIN 1 of the ide device/floppy.

    The wiring for the connections. I would look in the Manual, that came with the motherboard. That shows you what wire goes to what connection on the motherboard. If the power works when u press the button on the front of the case, obviously u have the wires on the right connectors on the mobo. Likewise for the reset. If the system resets, when u press the reset button, on the front of the case., you've connected it properly. If the hdd LED comes on when accessing the hdd, thats OK. Likewise for the power LED.

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    Peter H

    Default Re: front panel system wiring

    Make sure the Floppy is connected using the END socket - the one with one lot of wires twisted.

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    Default Re: front panel system wiring

    Thanks team for your answers.

    Problem is now fixed.

    The ribbon connecting to the floppy drive had to be flipped over(reversed), also where it connected to the motherboard I reversed that end too (One would think that this action would have canceled out the previous action but it didn't). Several of my floppy disks were faulty as well. Just age.

    Thank you all again for your knowledgeable and prompt responses


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