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    Default More XP Pro problems

    Hi guys and gals - another couple of problems that I hope you can help with
    This morning pc was showing "You have run out of memory" so I clicked ok. Next warning pops up "You have run out of space on drive "C" do you want to run disk cleanup?" - so clicked yes - selected only "Temp" - this freed up 735M. Went to go online using OE6 - logs on - receives new mail then a warning "Application has had a fatal error - send report" - clicked no.I thought maybe it's just tired and needs a shutdown - so did that. Open OE6 again - logged on - running real slow - so I found a news group and tried downloading a small (18K) jpg - 2.5 minutes - something isn't right here. Maybe it needs a Scandisk - can't find scandisk. SO - is there Scandisk in XP Pro? And - anyone have any idea why is going on with this OS.
    Win XP Pro 5.1 - HP 720a - 1.6G P4 - 60G HD (in 12 5G partitions) - 526M Ram.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated - as it is very frustrating

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    Default Re: More XP Pro problems

    I'd be inclined to update Anti-Virus software and Spyware killers (See: Spybot S&D), and also run msconfig and kill any apps loading on boot that arent 100% neccesary!

    Your PC, realistically, shouldnt need to ever show you that warning!

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    Default Re: More XP Pro problems

    Hi there - it's running AVG - updated on Sunday - when it runs it finds one called ".bat" and "heals" it.
    I am also running "Spyware Stormer" (I think thats what its called) - doesn't find anything - might reload S&D and see if that finds anything.
    Just wondering if OS was corrupted somehow on re-install

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