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    Default Thunderbird and URLs

    I have been using Thunderbird for 2 weeks and I am sure, or at least as sure as my fading memory allows, that I used to be able to click on an embedded URL in a mail message and be connected. Not any more and I can't find any option in the menus that controls this function. I can't even connect if I click on Help so there is no assistance from that quarter.
    I thought that I might have perhaps done something with my firewall but URLs in mail I have in OE will fire up IE as normal.
    It is getting to be a bit of a pain as unless the URL is written out in full I don't know what it is so I can't go there manually.
    Any and all assistance will be gratefully received.

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    Default Re: Thunderbird and URLs

    Try the tips on this pagehere
    Is thunderbird set as default. ?

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    Default Re: Thunderbird and URLs

    Thanks Johnboy. I have had a quick look and I think I might take the easy way out and re-install TB from this month's PCW CD. If that doesn't work I will go back and look again.
    PS: TB was set as default

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