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    Some months ago I had my computer upgraded including 40GB hard drive which I had partitioned 10GB for ME and 30GB for learning Linux, I probably upset Linux as it got slower and behaved strangely, I was also getting 'boot disc error' often on startup. Then the dual boot option didn't appear. So I now boot straight into ME; that's OK but I'd like to recover my 30GB either for another go at Linux or back to FAT35. Can anyone help please.

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    might be a bit harder since you have written data since that happend

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    What you describe sounds rather strange - not sure how the boot manager (presumably GRUB) should disappear from the master boot record??

    I would try a recovery - boot from the Linux install CD and follow the menu.

    Failing that, try reinstalling Linux.

    Alternatively use DOS fdisk to remove the non-DOS partition, create a new partition then format in fat32

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    Or try booting with the floppy boot disk that you made at install time (didn't you??)

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    :>(( that didn't work very well did it?

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    John D Thanks for your wise words. I've a mate who has partition magic and I've asked him to see what he can do over the weekend. There has been mention of F1 having a Linux section of its own. I think it would improve what is a very good forum.
    Thanks again.

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