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    Default Backing up emails

    Can anyone please tell me if its possible to back up emails, and in an easy to use manner?

    It seems inexplicable that Microsoft have created arguably some of the finest software programs the world has ever seen, BUT no easy to follow method of backing up important emails.

    I had heard of some complex way by saving them as pst files, but couldn't find any info about it.

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    Select em,drag them out of outlook into an apropiatly named folder.

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    Thanks for that. I dragged the Outlook files over to an Explorer folder and noted two things.

    1) You can't drag the main header folder and expect its sub folders to also be included, you have to individually drag each sub folder over.

    2) The file 'Type' on the top Explorer bar was classified "Exchange Shortcut", and the Size was only 1kb, irrespective of how many emails, Word, Excel and picture attachments were in the email.

    As I have to do a complete hard drive removal (to fix some unrepairable gremlins) and re-installation how can I be sure that all contents of the emails will be migrated?

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    Thx, seems it only does Outlook Express, any idea re MS Outlook?

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    Make a copy of the whole folder in
    C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook\
    Then burn it to cd.

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    I created a new folder under the Local Folders in OE. named it saved.
    When I want to save incomming mail I right click on it and select move to folder/saved.

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