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    Default CPU and memory support motherboard?

    Hi, I've got an old Pentium 200Mhz in this motherboard. (save as .pdf) Currently it's in a HP Pavilion 8120 PC running Windows98se.

    I'm looking at upgrading the CPU in it as I can get one for $10. The pdf says it supports up to 233Mhz but with a more recent BIOS it might provide support for a faster CPU? Or not very likely?

    The CPU I'm looking at buying is a:

    1x AMD k6/2 333mhz Socket 7 CPU

    I'm wondering if that motherboard might support it? I've been looking round for BIOS upgrades for this board but haven't had much luck. I've only managed to find this one which is pretty old (1998). Does anyone else know any good places to find a newer BIOS for that board?

    I'm also hoping to get:
    2 x 64mb EDO 72pin SIMMs
    2 x 32mb EDO 72pin SIMMs

    I'll get these off trademe to put in it which will upgrade the memory from 64mb to 196mb. I think the board can take up to 256mb as per the manual. I would've liked 4 x 64mb to make 256mb but I don't think anyone has that much for sale?


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    Default Re: CPU and memory support motherboard?

    I doubt it. If it states 233 it means 233 not 333.

    Its most probably obselete, if u cant find any recent BIOS update for it
    right now. And the last one was from 1998. I wouldn't flash it with the BIOS (if it says its the right one) from the site you've given. If it's the wrong BIOS, thats the end of your mobo.

    Umm I've just gone into Asus's FTP, and the only thing in there, is the manual you've given and an folder for tx97 (not tx97-vm), which has a BIOS but from 1997. I dont think the tx97 is the same as tx97-vm though.

    As it looks like there were quite a few tx97's then (tx97, tx97-e, l, le, n, x, xe, and vx).

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    Default Re: CPU and memory support motherboard?

    I dont think the tx97 is the same as tx97-vm though

    Oops the above should read tx97-xv not vm!

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    Default Re: CPU and memory support motherboard?

    Everest Home Edition says the motherboard is an Asus TX97XV. It's slightly different to the pictures in that manual as my board only has 4 SIMM slots and doesn't have the 2 DIMM slots as the one in the manual does.

    I actually updated to that BIOS from the HP website a few months ago and it was fine. Just having some issues installing the sound drivers now. I was just looking for something newer - thought they might have had something more recent to fix things like the Y2K bug, but apparently the 1998 BIOS shows up 2004 fine!

    Would have been nice if they had support for hard drives over 9Gb as well because it's stuck with a pathetic 2Gb one at the moment.

    Anyway, that RAM I'm buying should work in the board ok??

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    Default Re: CPU and memory support motherboard?

    What did u format in and what Windows did u install on it??

    Umm it might handle 4x64 EDO simms but nothing bigger in each slot.

    Not all mobos were affected by the Y2K bug. I had a pc with a BIOS from 97 a soyo that worked OK. And had a 10gb in it.

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    Patrick 2003

    Default Re: CPU and memory support motherboard?

    in my old pc ive got the same mobo but mines a 166mhz cpu.

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    Default Re: CPU and memory support motherboard?

    I had a spare 20Gb drive that I put in it and it only detected as 8900mb~ even when I specified the number of sectors etc. Tried installing windows 98 and linux on it and it just wouldn't run so I think the actual drive is dead.

    I've got Windows98se installed on it at the moment.

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