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    Every time I open my browser a blank browser opens. I change it to but it changes back when I open it again. There is also spyware pop ups. I have run adware and spyware software and have delted the found problems but still no luck.

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    i take it your homepage is set to about:blank and you change it to xtra but it changes back ??

    if so you are proberly infected with one of the about:blank spyware. there are tools for it here.

    what ver of adaware and spybot are you useing and are they fully upto date ?

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    be aware that their isnt one single anti spyware program that will detect 100% of spyware on your pc. Adaware and Spybot are good for free programs but they wont detect all, try using Xoftspy or Noadware these programs cost but are much more effective than the free ones.

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    Susan B

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    > they wont detect all, try using Xoftspy or Noadware
    > these programs cost but are much more effective than
    > the free ones.

    Interesting. This page has this to say about both of those progams:

    aggressive, deceptive advertising (1, 2, 3); questionable license terms; false positives work as goad to purchase

    I am jolly sure I wouldn't want to use them, never mind pay for the privilege. ;-)

    Jackie, you might like to check out the forum's Spyware FAQ for more help. Chances are your computer has other nasties on it as well. Make sure you scroll right down to the last post in that FAQ thread.

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    For what it is worth, I use Spybot and Adaware regularly. For a good cleanout I download Spysweeper every six months as an additional precaution. I then remove it, as it is subscription based.

    My laptop is currently in hospital and the tech said he couldn't find any spyware, which he says is very unusual. This confirmed my hope that the above programs are effective.

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    He'll probably still charge you for looking for it though Winston. ;-)

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