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    Default Compaq System recovery

    Can i use the 7 recovery disks for Windows Xp on sum1 else's Windows Xp?? Have a friend that needs to do a clean re-install and want to know if this is possible I dont get asked for a product activation key when i do it on our comp..will i try running my cd's on her computer and..get told i cant??

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    Default Re: Compaq System recovery

    Well u could try it and find it. It's most probably locked to your PC tho.

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    Default Re: Compaq System recovery

    If they are "system recovery CD's" they will be locked to the BIOS of that exact make and model of PC.

    Unless your friends PC is totally identical in make and model, they simply will not work.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Compaq System recovery

    But of course, the experimental approach is the best. Instead of asking, just try it. ;-)

    It won't hurt your reputation as a computer expert if you say, "well, this might not work" as you boot the first disk. ]

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