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    Default norton firewall better than zone alarm ?

    hi i need to update my antivirus for 2 computers so thought i might buy norton antivirus and firewall combined rather than run norton antivirus and zonealarm as comp crashes when online and some times hangs
    im running xp professional
    anyone got any experiance or can advise which is best way to go
    using free version zonealarm and norton system works antivirus 2000 is 2004 version better
    thanks peter

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    Default Re: norton firewall better than zone alarm ?

    is nortons or ZA the cause of the crashes ???

    you would be lucky to even get nortons 2000 to run on XP (which could explain why its crashing). nortons 2000 is to old, ditch it, even a free antivirus would be better.

    as far as nortons 2004 goes simply look through all the posts about nortons problems and you can make up your own mind ;-)
    there are other products around and the may be better and cheaper.

    is your pc's on a lan shareing the internet with ICS ?? if so then you really need ZApro or any of the paid firewalls. if not then ZA free is the easiest one to use and will be fine.

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    Big John

    Default Re: norton firewall better than zone alarm ?

    I have Nortons IS 2004 and it runs fine with no problems. However the software is only as good as the person using it and if you let it, it can still let the nasties through as can any firewall. It is all in how you set it up and the options.
    I have never had any problems with any of the Nortons stuff I have used over the years.

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    Default Re: norton firewall better than zone alarm ?

    hi petil, and welcome to PressF1

    I personally use Norton Internet Security 2003 (Antivirus + firewall) on 2 networked computrs running Windows XP home. I have never had a problem with it at all, and in fact, have found it very user friendly and effective.

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