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    Graham L

    Default OT: Helpful manufacturers.

    I acquired a BTC USB CDRW and tried to download the driver and manual from I gave up after the transfer rate dropped to 75 bytes/sec. A 628kb file was estimated to take 21 minutes. :_| The one drivers site which listed that model had no files. :-( (BTC also insist on you going in through their home page, which takes ... a ... long ... time ... to ... load because it has lots of pictures. I don't want pretty pictures. I just wanted their driver and manual X-(. )

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    Intel Hunter

    Default Re: OT: Helpful manufacturers.

    Hi Graham,

    I downloaded 2 usb drivers from the site which one is it. I have the BCE 5232UI and the BCE 5224UI. Let me know and I can send them to you if you give me your email addy.

    Regards Intel Hunter

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    Default Re: OT: Helpful manufacturers.

    Graham L if you what I will download & upload (to a NZ server) that driver and manual for your CDRW

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    Default Re: OT: Helpful manufacturers.

    turn off images in your browser that may make things quicker for you

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