FAQ #65 - When I dial-up my dial-up dialogue doesn’t remember my password

Originally written by godfather


This behaviour can occur if you have installed Dial-Up Networking but client for Microsoft Networks has not been installed.

How to fix it:

Install Client for Microsoft Networks

Make sure you have your Windows CD on hand... you may need it to install the necessary components (unless it is pre-installed in which case it is on the hard drive anyway).

1) Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel and open 'Network'.

2) Click the 'Add' button.

3) Double click 'Client'.

4) In the 'Select Network Client' window, highlight 'Microsoft' on the left and double click 'Client for Microsft Networks' on the right and follow the instructions on the screen.

5) Before restarting your computer, go to the 'Identification' tab and fill in the fields. It does not matter what you name your computer or what values you enter into the fields, as long as they are not the default values.

6) Important: After you restart your computer you may be asked to login to Windows. To avoid having to login each time, type in a username and no password. When you restart next time you will not see the login screen.

Original FAQ available here.