Problems opening a new or existing document in a program when first starting the computer and logging into Citrix. This problem happens in programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works and Microsoft Publisher. The error message in Word and Works is that the: 'new or existing file cannot be found'. When we get this error message in Word or Works, at the same time in Publisher, the error message is that: 'there is not enough memory to open the program.' (We have 512Mb of memory in the fileserver)
This problem happens every day to some of our computers (mostly 486s) - often different ones each day though some seem more prone to having the problem than others. The only way to resolve the problem is to logoff the Citrix Client and log it back in again. Often this will fix the problem first time but other times the process has to be repeated several times before the computers finally give in! Our technician is baffled and we cannot work out why it is happening or what it is that the users may be doing wrong(if anything).
We have a Windows Terminal Server 4.0 network with most of our computers running the Citrix Metaframe Client. This problem is only happening on these machines as all workstations running entirely in Windows are not experiencing this problem. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks