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    Default Win XP Windows Update Problem...

    I have a client who runs Win XP Home on his desktop however when he trys to load the windows update page in internet explorer nothing loads just a blank screen, however if you hold down control the page loads normally and works fine how it should but u need to keep holding the control key down the hole time even after the page is loaded as the updates dont show up and u cant go to each new step if u stop holding it down, eg. if u select one update to download then go to the install updates option but let the control key go it says one update to download but their is no update visible on the screen and the download button is greyed out! I know that ctrl is used to download a new version of the page so it doesnt default to the one in the cache however i have cleared all his offline files, cookies, etc but still doesnt fix the problem. Even tried installing Win XP SP2 but this doesnt fix the problem either.

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    I don't know the answer and am really bumping this up in case someone else has had the problem.

    This might be a silly question, but is the person using Internet Explorer to access the Windows Update page? What address (URL) do they get when they get to the blank page? Have they tightened their security options so that it does not access the page?

    Oxie (Lyn)

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    Has it been checked for spyware??

    When you say a blank screen, whats the address bar say?? The URL for windowsupdate??

    Since it has now got SP2 on it, try this URL which is now for SP2

    See what happens when you try that URL. Was SP1 on that PC at all, before SP2 was installed?

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    Ah might have found a solution here


    This behavior may occur if any of the following conditions is true:
    The Visual Basic Scripting Support (VBScript) component did not install correctly on Internet Explorer 4.0 or became corrupted after the installation.
    Security or Internet acceleration software, such as AtGuard by WRQ or Trend Micro's PC-cillin by Trend Micro, may prevent the page from displaying correctly.

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    Is there any add/popup blockers running?

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    yes ive done a spyware scan on their pc using 3 different programs and a virus scan using 2 different programs and not the crappy avg either. I also lowered all the security levels and still no joy! they have a pop up stopper since i installed sp2 but i turned this off.

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    Have a look thru these pages
    Problems Accessing Windows Update
    Windows Update: Frequently Asked Questions

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