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    Default Security Warning

    Every time I click on a page I get a pop-up saying 'Security Warning' 'Do you want to install and run Macromedia Flash Player 7?' 'authenticity verified...' etc.
    I apparantly have to install this to stop it asking me every time.
    I presume this is safe, is it?

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    Jen C

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    That website has some flash adverts - you aren't missing much. It is safe to install Macromedia Flash which will allow these ads plus other sites which also use flash, (not necessarily for ads) to be viewed. You should also have an option to say "no" to installing the plugin and not to ask this question again.

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    Default Re: Security Warning

    Thanks Jen C. I have installed Macromedia Flash - or at least I think I have! I clicked on Yes, and if the program downloaded it did so without having any more screens telling of its progress!

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