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Thread: Computer Timer?

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    Default Computer Timer?

    Hey there.

    Does anyone know of a software I can setup on a computer so that basically by how I set every day it allows them to stay on for a specific time eg 4 hours 20 minutes or just 4 hours.

    At which time to turn off or disable. Similar to net cafe software I guess but yea just so I could do that basic function. Anyone know of a software that'll let me do that?


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    Alan Cottrell

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    have a look at this handy piece of freeware

    It is very easy to use and has lots of options

    If you wish to prevent the pc being restarted easily. you would need to create a bios password to prevent the user just restarting the pc.



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    Default Re: Computer Timer?

    Hmmm yea thats the thing. Stopping them from turning it back on.

    Any other programs you know of that can detect and stop this?

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    Default Re: Computer Timer?

    you could try Public PC


    This Page for free password protection at start up

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