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    Default Driver wont install

    My CD ROM drive has issues...
    It reads some disks and not others. I can put in a game disk and it will read perfectly, no trouble, I can put in music, and other sorts of CDs and it will read, but it wont read the driver CD for the scanner I just got. I was giving it free from someone I know, it is a 'Mustek 1200 UB'. As I said it wont read that disk, I put in a game CD, it read it, then straight after I put in the driver CD and it made the wizzy noise for a split second and stropped. I have restarted, checked in device manager that the CD ROM driver is ok (It is). But I have had no luck. I have no Idea what to do, I am sure it isnít the CD because I have had these problems before, also with copied disks.

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    Try here here

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    Murray P

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    If the disc is a copy it could be a coaster, does it work in other CD drives?. Why not downlaod the drivers and install that way to get you going.

    Cheers Murray P

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    Have a look at this fix from installing from a cd problem.
    here it may work for you.

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    I cant download them! It tell me the document contains no data!

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