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    Default Optical drive health check

    Is there a utility to check on the health of my optical drive I'm having trouble copying some things.

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    Default Re: Optical drive health check

    Hi Naughty, It seems you've not received any help about your problem.

    It's advisable to give more details. What sort of optical drive?
    Is it a CD ROM drive, DVD drive or a CD RW drive?
    What exactly is the "Copying" problem?
    Is the problem reading or writing?

    Maybe with more info, someone here could help you.

    Just for your information, recently my HP CD writer was behaving strangely. Sometimes would not read or write. It was 3 years old. I was about to discard it & get a new CD writer. Someone suggested using a "CD Laser Lens Cleaner" It's a CD with very small brushes that clean the lens. Pudney make them, but the one I found was a Teac brand.

    I ran that in the CD drive for 1 or 2 minutes, and now it works like new.

    Maybe that could help you. I hope so.

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