Hey guys,

I have just changed over from the Jetstream Starter plan to the flat rate Jetstream Surf Plan (10GB)

Now the specs for this service are 256k download and 128k upload... so theoretically I should get approximately 30kbps on downloads (seen as I was averaging 15kbps on the previous Jetstream Starter service... ) logic dictates that you just double it as the new plan offers double the download speed of the old plan I was on.?

Am I correct in assuming this or have I put myself crook with the calculations somewhere?

What is the average speed other users on the same plan are getting?

Also this "CHURN" fee that is being introduced by Telecom...what's that all about? According to my ISP... at the end of September I won't have to pay Telecom the monthly Jetstream connection fee... is this true?

If I'm not going to be paying it... will they automatically stop charging my phone bill or will I have to make arrangements for them to stop billing me?

any constructive comments appreciated...