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    Heather P

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    I am trying to change the store folder for Outlook Express. Hundreds of messages in the folders but only 3 messages show up.

    I currently have 3 separate folders for messages - can change the store location for 2 of them no problem but the third one ...

    All this came about through various re-formats. The messages I am looking for (in particular a photo attachment) would have been created/received in OE6 end of last year, early this year.

    I've also tried opening one of the others and importing messages - it imported the 3 messages.

    Any ideas?

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    Tried manually moving the old messages?

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    Usually - but not always - caused by a corrupt folder.
    While tedious, the only known solution is to save each email as an eml file and import into the new message store.

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    sorry cant remember where i got it but a program called 'dbextract' will extract messages from any outlook express 'store' folder and then you can troll thru em as you wish......

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    Heather P

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    Thanks for the info - will have a go with db extract.

    Problem solved in the meantime - my neighbour still had the original of the photo so re-sent it to me.

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