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    Ron Bakker

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    does symantec actually have a phone number that I can call?
    I am sick to death of being sent from one link to another. none of which are fixing my multitude of problems.
    cheers guys

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    Hi Ron, there's an easy solution to the myriad of Nortons problems which I learnt a few years back

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    yes there is an 0800 number, look in the back of the book that come with your symantec product. Sorry, havent got a book here, but found it in a computer I was working on today and I had to install a 2004 copy of Nortons, and found the 0800 number in the back of the book.

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    Jen C

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    There is a paid support phone number you can call - here.

    You can also contact them via email which I think is free -here.

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    Jim B

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    Symantec Support 0800 445304
    This diverts to Australia and is only available normal office hours Australian time.

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    Ron Bakker

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    I am so out of touch..Thanks guys

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