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    Default range of wireless connexion

    Where I like to use my laptop is just on the edge of reasonable reception (802.11b in laptop) from access point (which also has 802.11g capability - does little for the range of course).

    Under certain conditions, atmospheric etc, and like now, the wireless connexion keeps cutting in and out.

    There's good expensive ways to extend and reliablise the range, but I want a good cheap one (other than moving the hardware closer together - that works fine but inconvenient).

    Any ideas thankfully considered.

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    Ashley Matthews

    Default Re: range of wireless connexion

    This is far from a practical solution, but I am somewhat in the same boat as you. I find that using the higher channels (10+) seems to work better for me, but this may just be a quirk.

    Otherwise I have seen repeaters advertised for like $60, or you could buy one of those aerial extenders for your AP, but IIRC they are quite costly.

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    Default Re: range of wireless connexion

    For about $10 you can go for miles see here

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    Default Re: range of wireless connexion

    that's a cool link Rob ...

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    Graham L

    Default Re: range of wireless connexion

    The aerials radiate (or try to) in all directions. They have a preferred polarisation (horizontal or vertical) and generally work best with a "whip' in the vertical postion. However, most PC Card units in laptops have the aerial horizontal, so they work less well with a partner with a vertical aerial.

    If you can force the aerials to be more directional they will work better.

    A simple (electrical) reflecting surface, wavelength behind the aerial will double the power towards the other 180.
    There are plans availble for corner reflectors made of cardboard and aluminium foil which are even better.

    Start at the access point. It's more likely than the laptop to (a) have the aerial easily accessible, and (b) more likely to be stationary, and (c) with a user who might be inconvenienced by a cardboard and foil edifice obstructing the screen or keyboard.

    The wavelength is approx 125 mm. One quarter is that is about 32 mm. The cardboard back of an A4 pad is probably big enough,. so cover it with aluminium foil. Position it 32 mm "behind" the aerial as it "looks" at the laptop. The spacing is reasonably critical, but not impossibly so. The trick is to have the reflector stable. If it moves in the wind, you will have problems.

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    Default Re: range of wireless connexion

    Checkout the blade antenna.. may need a specific wifi card depending on your setup...

    You could easily build something similarly or more powerful... For warscanning I use a handmade biquad that cost me all of 20 bucks to make, would be even cheaper at trade rates. Anyway, it whips the pants off my 6.5 flat panel, can pick up an AP over a 4km stretch of water with crossed polarity and so I'd put it at roughly 12-15dBi.. probably closer to 12. Not bad for 20 bucks

    In saying that it's considerably large compared to a blade, which you might find a little more discreet and functional

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