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    Richard Morriss

    Default Office Assistant

    I have been using Office Pro 2000 for the usual office applications. I find it handy to have the office assistant on the desktop to get help when I have a problem.
    Recently Outlook 2003 was loaded onto a server my laptop is connected to. Office 2000 is only installed on my laptop. Since then the office assistant will not display in the Office 2000 applications after Outlook 2003 has been opened. The assistant showing in Outlook 2003 works OK.
    I have reinstalled Office 2000 several times, and each time the assistant works fine until I check something in Outlook 2003 (which is running minimised), following which I get the message that "the office assistant cannot be opened - run repair Office 2000"
    Obviously there is some conflict between the assistant in Office 2000 and the one in Outlook 2003. Can it be fixed so it works in both applications, or do I need to get a 2003 version of Office?

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    Default Re: Office Assistant

    Have a look thru these mskbs the third on may be usefull ??
    Controlling How and When the Office Assistant Appears
    Error Message: "The Office Assistant Could Not Be Started" Starting Office Programs

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