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    Default Liteon Monitor got milky way !!!!

    Liteon Monitor got milky way !!!!

    My liteon monitor for some reasons turns milky: like it has a milky film. Tried to adjust contrast and brightness to no avail.

    Has this monitor had it or something can be done. Many thanks to any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Liteon Monitor got milky way !!!!

    I don't know what sort of set-up you have, but does the initial boot up screen series have the same flaw ? This won't help you, but it may narrow the possibilities. Of course, not all systems show boot screens, so it may not be a useful suggestion.

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    Default Re: Liteon Monitor got milky way !!!!

    thanks for reply.

    Yes, " the initial boot up screen series have the same flaw". They all have thin milky film after awhile I get used to it.

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    Billy T

    Default Re: Liteon Monitor got milky way !!!!

    Well, that's a description I have never heard before! It sounds like an excess of brightness (which will grey out any dark areas, making them look, well, milky I guess).

    Go to this site, and look at your screen using No 3, the grey-scale step pattern.

    You should be able to get a completely dark bar at the left hand side. If you can't, try turning the brightness up full and seeing if any fine white lines appear sloping diagonally across the screen. That would indicates a CRT bias fault.

    For a description of how to correctly adjust brightness and contrast, see one of my posts in kiki's recent Philips monitor thread. Find it using the PF1 search function and using kiki as the user name.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Liteon Monitor got milky way !!!!

    Thanks for the reply. Nice site. I thought my description would catch some attention, but I am not sure how else to say it , even if I am not trying to put some pun in it.

    Tried as suggested, solved the milky problem, but it looked rather dull (that was why I turned it up)

    I notice that the on screen display has an option for adjusting color.
    1. 9300K (is the brightest)
    2. 6500K (comparatively duller)
    3. User (dullest)

    While the display is dull, the on screen display is bright. I'm not sure of how to get the display looks similar to on screen (control) display. May be if some how it is adjusted to 10000K it would be bright and cheerful.


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    Billy T

    Default Re: Liteon Monitor got milky way !!!!

    9300K is the correct setting, the units describe the "colour temperature" of the display. User will be lousy because it has not yet been set.

    How old is the monitor? If over 3 years it could be lacking in sensitivity now, especially if it has been left on all the time. If you get the base brighness setting right, adjusting the contrast usually brings up the correct level of overall image illumination.


    Billy 8-{)

    PS The site is operated by Earnie Moore, a PF1 member.

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