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    Default A trojan shutting down my computer

    I have a trojan or worm or something that keeps turning our computer off and on. Our virus and trojan scans seem to find them and delete them but they keep coming back even thru the firewall. They all seem to be in a Restore Temp folder which I can't delete and it's using about half our memory which dosen't seem right. I was hoping someone could help before I have to pay someone to look at it.

    Cheers Gavin

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    Default Re: A trojan shutting down my computer

    You mean when you connect to the net, Gavin?

    Have you visited Windows Update recently?

    If its in c:\_restore then you simply need to disable System Restore and reboot :-)


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    Default Re: A trojan shutting down my computer

    Thanks for that. Once I turned off restore I was able to delete the problem folder and all seems sweet. Cheers Gavin

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