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    I have PC with Pent S and Win98 SE, 2GB HDD. Tried to add 6GB HDD. It did not work, so I returned to one 2GB. But after that started to get "hard disk fail", press F1. It worked for some time. Then I got"Win found error in your system files and restored recent backup. Restart." After restart the same appear. In safe mode also the same.

    Also at startup it still shows Slave HDD of 6GB, while it was removed.

    Any ideas? I am tempted to use FDISK and reinstall Win.

    Thanks for suggestions.

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    Hi have you checked your jumper settings, also look in the bios to make sure hdd auto detect is enabled.

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    The jumper on HDD is where it was when all worked. In BIOS setup there is IDE HDD autodetect and I selected option for primary master mode LBA. It did not help.
    Next time selected normal mode and at restart got "invalid system disk, replace disk".
    By the way when I checked again in autodetect it asked to select master disk again, even when the selection was saved.

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