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    Default Enabling Gameport on Soundcard for Joystick

    I am having a problem trying to get a gameport active on my C Media PCI sound card, under Windows XP. I have picked up a joystick that uses the older style gameport connector. I have a USB joystick that works fine, but this other one has more buttons and feels 'nicer'.

    It appears to me that the on-board gameport has 'stolen' the soundcard'd gameport resources, and won't give them back! The board is a Gigabyte GA-700N-L.

    Under the Device Status part in Device manager for the Gameport connector, it states that "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)".

    The Resources tab shows that the I/O 0201-0201 setting has a red line through it and I cannot manually change the setting as the manual configuration setting is greyed out.

    The onboard gameport shows up as working in Device Manager, and I can change the port to 0201 or 0209. Changing it to 0209 doesn't change anything though.

    At first I thought it was simply a matter of ensuring that the on-board gameport is disabled, and I have tried this in the BIOS. I also disabled the onboard midi port setting, however it still won't release 0201. There is a setting in the BIOS to change the built in port to 0209- which didn't change anything as far as the C Media port was concerned, it still says 0201 is unavailable.

    I would just use the onboard gameport if it had a physical connection! The motherboard has a connector, which I assume that is for attaching an external connector to, but unless someone can tell me where to buy one of these I will try to get the C Media gameport working.

    Googling the net has helped, but no clear solution found. I have disabled devices, uninstalled devices, reinstalled devices, downloaded drivers ...

    Help please!


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    Default Re: Enabling Gameport on Soundcard for Joystick

    There is an issue with all nForce boards and gameports. You may have to find another card with drivers that allow free resources to be allocated.

    Plenty more links out there.

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