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    I have purchased a second hand IBM Thinkpad and it appears that the keypad seetings are set so that the numbers on keys JKL, UOI and the
    &*() are turned on and the letters are turned off.
    Being second hand there was no manual - Can someone help me with the stting to turn the letters back on please

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    What model thinkpad? You can download a pdf.doc manual from IBM for these.

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    Graham L

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    This would usually be one of the extended function options. ("Fn" key plus one of the F keys --- look for extra legends on the front of keys). There may be a default option set in the BIOS (look for NumLock).

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    on mine its hotkey - SHIFT PRNT-SCRN

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    sorry, its SHIFT SCROLL LOCK

    the keyb shoud list something like NUMLK in a smaller at least ..

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    Also, check in BIOS to make sure it does not come on automatically.

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    Many thanks to all who have offered solutions. It was Shift /Scroll lock and it all works fine


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