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    Default OT: Phone Line Splitting

    Is there a way of splitting the phone line into 2, as I require to have my fax machine connected 24/7 starting next week. I know I can get another line installed but I have been told by the landlord that its not possible because we are currently going through refurbishment and my current flat is one of the possible flats of being demolished on the inside, so no point wasting $$...

    So is there any way of a DIY job of splitting the line into 2 for Fax and Internet, and yes i do know my internet speed would be dropped from 52kb/sec to probably 40ishkb/sec but yeah...


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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    If you are through telecom, I think they can do a faxability line, or something like that. It gives you a dedicated fax line, without giving you two lines. Make sense? Yea, I know, it didn't to me either, when my daughter got prices to have two lines, and it was way expensive but telecom told her about the fax dedicated line. Might be worth ringing and asking them.

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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    You need Jetstream

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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    i dont need jetstream, i only use the internet at nights but have been told i need fax on at nights now too...
    so yeah just a small matter of having 1 line...

    and this faxability, i know u get another number for the fax machine but u have to have the whole line free or can u use the net and still receive faxes?

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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    Faxability from Telecom

    It uses the same line though, with a different number. That gives a different ring cadence, which the fax recognises and picks up.

    However, at a guess I would say that will not work for you Chris, as you usually have your phone line in use most of the time?

    Therefore its either a second line or, as suggested you use Jetstream and connect the existing line to the fax.

    Otherwise you have to have a second line.

    A digital split would have to be out in the Telecom system, and you would need the second line from there, so no help from that area.

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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    You need jetstream.

    Yes you do,don't argue

    You said yourself that you want to be able to recieve faxes 24 hours a day and use the net,all off one line.

    The answer is Jetstream.

    Yes it is


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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    Lol if jetstream is the only answer I reckon i will have to bribe the other end to get a mobile phone and text me when they gonna fax me, or set a time for faxing...or stay off at night lol...

    I just thought there was a way i was able to split the line simply

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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    Why don't they use e-mail or something like ICQ?

    Once you are using the net, the phone line is busy till you get off I'm afraid.

    The only ways I know of is a) Jetstream b) Second line

    Telecom used to have a service (for business customers) that would store the FAX till the line came free. Bit like a call minder service, but for FAXes. Was a long time ago, but maybe it is still available?

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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    I just had a idea from what pheonix said...

    is there anything that i can use with xtra being my isp, that i can put onto my computer and when a fax comes through it notifies me, and I can either ingore the call or get disconnected so the fax can be received...

    They do use emails and stuff but its stuff that cannot be communicated via the internet...

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    Default Re: OT: Phone Line Splitting

    There is a mobile phone solution for faxes, but it would be difficult to use for you unfortunately.

    Vodafone have it as a standard offering, I use it from time to time.

    The fax is sent to a mobile number, you get a message on the phone that you have a fax in your mailbox.

    You have to ring your cellular mailbox and follow the prompts, and enter the landline number of the fax you want it forwarded to.

    Great for travellers wanting to collect their faxes, but I don't know how anyone could follow the prompts when they could not hear them.

    Otherwise it would be a solution.

    But you need Jetstream, in case nobody has suggested that yet.

    For $39.95 per month you could have Jetstream 1 GB, and that includes your ISP charge. A second line is $30, so unless your current ISP charge is less than $9.95 per month, a Jetstream connection would be cheaper anyway.

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